What does Search Engine Optimization​ mean?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a unique digital marketing strategy that magnifies your brand online in an organic manner. The goal of the SEO services is to elevate the rankings and visibility of your business on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s), such as Bing, Google etc.

Kreative Marketing Insights (KMI) , the dynamic digital marketing agency in Atlanta offers various SEO services such as : Local SEO, SEO content writing services, Technical SEO, HARO link building services, Google analytics and  White label services for your business.

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Technical SEO

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On-page SEO

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Why do we recommend SEO Marketing Services?

  • Website traffic : SEO helps generate traffic to your website via search engines that add more prospects for leads and conversions.
  • Visibility & Ranking : Customers are time bound and they will rely on the first five results on the search engines. Hence, to make the most of it, your brand must make it to the top position for visibility. Audience might not purchase then and there but they will get to know your brand.
  • Creates trust : While search engines rank your website, another advantage that a business achieves is trust and support. Search engine optimization is the best digital marketing tool to build trust and connection.
  • User experience : A well optimized website will rank high on search engines. By adhering to search engine’s requirements you also gain significantly by meeting up to customers expectations.

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Defining Local SEO

Local SEO is a search engine optimization process intended specifically for the local audience or a local region. If you are running a business or plan to do so in the future, then your website can make use of local SEO services to gain valuable local traffic and customer engagement.

Benefits of Local SEO :

Local customer centric : The key benefit of availing local SEO services is that local customers benefit the most. Optimizing your business with Google My Business (GMB) for specific geographic regions will enable the audience to look up for your offering.

Enhanced conversion rates : When you focus on an audience in a specific region, local SEO can greatly enhance your conversions by about 80 percent. Interesting, isn’t it?

  • Citation building : Local SEO services enhance website authority and rankings.
  • Rise in traffic : A well optimized local SEO strategy with some attractive content gets you the right audience, if your GMB profile is up to date with  details such as the nature of your business, address and contact details, along with a landing page which will funnel more site traffic.
  • Promising conversion rates : Local SEO can bring you more sales, which is governed by factors such as user experience , page load times, site architecture, smartphone friendly layout and appealing content.

Local SEO ranking factors :

  • Local landing pages
  • Local content marketing
  • Backlinks (local publications, local directories, local blogs and community websites)
  • Searcher’s proximity varies as per different searches on Google.
  • Behavioral patterns such as mobile-click to call, social media check-ins and click-through rates.
  • Online reviews matter.

It’s time to adopt local SEO strategy for your business :

If you are a small or a midsize business who wants to gain reputation and sales in your region, then local SEO is the right digital marketing tool for your enterprise. Kreative Marketing Insights (KMI) is the best digital marketing agency for your small business to expand locally, both on search engines and in customers’ hearts. Our professional digital marketers and local SEO specialists would be happy to discuss with you in taking your ambition forward.

SEO Content Writing

What exactly does SEO content writing mean?

SEO content writing is an effective digital marketing strategy where content curated for the target audience is well optimized for search engines to pick it up. 

The key to successful SEO content writing lies in the use of the correct keywords. Well-written content ranks well, and did you know that the first results that appear on the search engine results page attract 28 percent more visitors?

Advantages of SEO content writing for your website/business :

  • User experience : A business website’s main goal is to offer a great user experience (UX). However, if the content is poorly presented, it can drive visitors away. So, ensuring well-planned, error-free content improves user experience and boosts customer retention.
  • Compels users to visit your physical shop : After setting up your website, the quality of product descriptions, relevant information, content, images, and user experience significantly influences whether customers will visit your physical store.
  • Conversion rates increase :  A carefully designed website that meets SEO criteria not only achieves a high search engine ranking but also encourages customers to click on the top link, as they trust the display algorithm.
  • Lead generator : For any business, leads are crucial for survival and a positive sign. Effective SEO content writing consistently attracts leads, especially in B2B and B2C markets.
  •  Website traffic : SEO content writing boosts your website’s visibility and rankings, leading to more clicks. This not only makes customers more familiar with your brand but also encourages them to share your site links with friends on social media.