KMI’s impact on Bloom has made the lives of foster kids in Georgia even brighter. Despite challenges in reaching wider online audiences, our digital marketing specialists at Kreative Marketing Insights (KMI) helped Bloom spread campaign awareness and achieve a happy social media base with high engagement.

The Kahala Hotel and Resort, an upscale luxury destination in Hawaii, sought to enhance its online presence and leverage social media to boost engagement, expand its reach, and generate direct revenue. The resort faced the challenge of growing its social media following, increasing engagement, and effectively managing multiple pages, including four restaurant pages, while climbing to the #1 position in its competitive set and maintaining an impeccable online reputation.

Social Media Growth

Social Media Results
1555-1858 90%
Sales Impact
6x 80%
Social media Engagement
40k - 53k 95%

Maximized Reach and Engagement


24 Million in 2022
representing a 162% increase
compared to the previous year


07 Million, Marking a 127%
year-over-year increase with an impressive 18% engagement rate.

Maximized Reach and Engagement

Resort generated

in direct annual revenue

Competitive Positioning

The Kahala Hotel and Resort successfully rose from the
5th position to the #1 position in its competitive set
showcasing its effective positioning and strategic campaigns


KMI’s expertise as a digital marketing agency has been instrumental in aiding Bloom’s social media goals, thereby making a significant impact in the lives of foster children in Georgia. Through strategic planning and effective execution, KMI has helped Bloom reach wider audiences, spread awareness about their campaigns, and ultimately brighten the lives of foster children across the state.