From GRM to KMI: Unveiling the Evolution of Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solutions

For those who have followed GRM … appreciate our history of branding strategy and comprehensive social media execution.

We have heard from a few that desired a more comprehensive and ‘one-shop’ digital marketing agency solution.

The acquisition by KMI has added some nice turnkey marketing elements available in addition to social media including:

  • SEO
  • Web development
  • Paid Google ads

A few wrinkles to consider … like many companies, agencies are looking for the lowest cost execution of ‘back of the house’ work. A little secret – many of the largest companies and agencies outsource work. And increasingly offshore.

Direct Marketing News recently shared the trend and value of such: “With over 91% of companies using multiple digital channels in their marketing strategy, this approach is becoming more cost-effective, measurable, adaptable, and scalable. An agency offering a comprehensive range of services, such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, content creation, and analytics, can help drive growth and maximize return on investment.”

Further from DMN: “Outsourcing to an Indian digital marketing agency has various benefits, including competitive pricing, extensive experience and expertise, and a proven history of delivering successful campaigns. These agencies also stay current with the latest trends and technologies, providing effective and innovative solutions tailored to individual business needs.”

In the case of KMI, we employ an India-based execution team. However, the work is fully integrated with our U.S. (Atlanta, GA) based team. KMI has increased the staffing both domestically and internationally to maximize the skill sets available to our clients in a very cost-effective manner.

What does that mean for you:
  • Continued U.S. brand strategy experience and acumen married with cutting edge digital marketing execution.
  • A responsive account team based in Atlanta – managing an executional team that employs skilled specialists in both the U.S. and India.
  • More cost-effective ongoing executional programs. Simply put, we now have the ability to deliver integrated direct marketing at a very competitive cost point.
  • We are digital media source neutral. What does that mean? We will test alternative targeting, messaging and CTAs (call to action) and go with the media that performs best … we are not presupposed to any specific execution.

We are right for small and medium-size businesses that are seeking to accelerate growth and need a marketing team without the baggage and costs. We provide the resources to expand your marketing performance, but at a cost that is sustainable to where the business currently operates. If you know of businesses who this sounds right for, we would appreciate the referral. We offer a complimentary strategic direction and cost for all referrals.

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