Phishing! Be vigilant & emerge victorious

Hello everyone, festivity and celebrations are in the air and to enhance the ongoing extravaganza, we chose to present you with another valuable column that talks about phishing. No, we are not talking about catching a fish! 

Understanding ‘Phishing’ :

Phishing is a form of a cyber attack where attackers/fraudsters cheat users by posing as genuine personalities by obtaining your sensitive data, when you click on the links, email or websites, laid out by them.

Where does one witness such deceptive information?

Email: Phishing emails are a common method, where attackers send deceptive emails posing as legitimate entities to trick recipients into revealing sensitive information.

Social Media: Phishers may create fake profiles or use compromised accounts to spread phishing links or messages on social media platforms.

Fake Websites: Cybercriminals create fraudulent websites that imitate legitimate ones to trick users into entering sensitive information.

Online Advertisements: Malicious ads or pop-ups may lead users to phishing sites, exploiting trust in online advertising.

Spam messages: Phishing attacks can also happen through direct messages in various messaging applications such as Facebook, Twitter etc which tricks the users to believe, due to the authentic appeal of those fake/spam messages.

So, what sort of damage is caused ?

Identity Theft: Phishing can cause significant harm through identity theft, where attackers gain access to personal information like Social Security numbers and login credentials. This can lead to long-term consequences, affecting the victim’s credit, reputation, and overall well-being.

Financial Loss: Phishing attacks often lead to financial damage as attackers target sensitive financial information, resulting in unauthorized transactions, fraudulent activities, and potential loss of funds for individuals and organizations.

Reputational Damage: Falling victim to phishing attacks can harm an individual’s or organization’s reputation. Trust is eroded when clients, customers, or colleagues discover that sensitive information has been compromised, potentially leading to a loss of credibility and business opportunities.

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It’s easy to beat fraudsters, you know!

Report Incidents: Report phishing attempts to relevant authorities or your organization’s IT/security team to help prevent further attacks.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Enable MFA also known as two-factor authentication whenever possible to add an extra layer of security beyond passwords.

Keep Software Updated: Regularly update your operating system, antivirus software, and applications to patch vulnerabilities exploited by phishers.

Secure Websites: Ensure websites use HTTPS, especially when entering sensitive information. Look for the padlock icon in the address bar.

Let you hardwork and dream not fall for those illegitimate links

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