What does Social Media Marketing mean?

Social Media Marketing  (SMM) can be defined as the strategies to enhance leads, drive website traffic, conversions and sales of an enterprise through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. It is interesting to note that over 80 percent of customers’ purchase decisions are driven by social media marketing.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

  • Enhanced brand awareness : Displaying sponsored ads on platforms like YouTube and Instagram is the first step to brand success. As audiences notice and share with friends, it leads to increased website traffic. Therefore, exposure is crucial for building brand awareness.
  • Dynamic customer base : Your brand has a ripple effect. Satisfied customers share their stories, opening up opportunities to connect with a new audience that feels like family. Testimonials create a convincing atmosphere that encourages buying, and trust acts as the strong foundation.
  • Higher conversion rates : Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube have changed how ad campaigns work. Knowing what the audience wants and launching ad campaigns accordingly is essential. Image-based ads have a greater impact than text-based ones.
  • Simple & friendly interface  : Social media platforms make running ads easy. You can specify your audience, choose the ad type, and set your budget. Performance reports help you make better decisions.    
  • Pocket friendly ads : You only pay when your ad is clicked or viewed, thanks to the pay-per-click model (PPC). This keeps advertising costs low. For instance, Facebook ads may cost USD1.6 per click.   
  • More leads : Tailoring posts to customer preferences attracts lead generation. Leads, like properly sown seeds, grow into the plant of brand prosperity, bearing fruits of conversions and increased sales. Regular ad campaigns and advertisements contribute to achieving good lead figures.

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Facebook ads

What are Facebook ads?

Connect with your audience and boost your brand on Facebook. Don’t miss out on reaching over 2 billion active users. Use Facebook ads for effective social media campaigns, and a top Facebook marketing agency can help you achieve success with increased brand image, loyalty, and healthy sales.

Types of Facebook ads : 

  • Brand awareness ads
  • Video ads
  • Like ads
  • Lead ads
  • Carousel ads 
  • Engagement ads
  • Boost post ads

Benefits of advertising on Facebook :

  • Exact targeting : Reach your ideal audience with Facebook ads tailored to their interests, demographics, age, language, and gender. Filter out non-target audiences and boost user engagement effectively.
  • Scope to remarket : People who didn’t trust your brand before might reconsider when they repeatedly see your Facebook ads. This is called remarketing and significantly increases the chances of conversions. It’s a great advantage of Facebook ad marketing.
  • Flexibility : Use Facebook ads to easily reach your target audience. You can set your budget and choose from various ad types, including carousel ads, dynamic ads, and photo-based ads.
  • Customized CTA button :  Facebook ads offer custom call-to-action buttons like ‘Book Now,’ ‘Call Now,’ or ‘Download Now.’ A compelling CTA can guide interested users to your website for more information before making a decision.

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Instagram ads

What are Instagram ads?

With nearly 1.32 billion users worldwide, Instagram is a great platform for businesses to reach their target audience through sponsored and paid ads. Sponsored ads appear in the Instagram feed, and businesses pay for this visibility.

Paid ads, displayed as images or videos in user stories, are another option. Effective Instagram marketing strategies can enhance your brand and increase follower count.

Types of ads that Instagram offers :

  • Brand awareness ads
  • Video ads
  • Like ads
  • Lead ads
  • Carousel ads 
  • Engagement ads
  • Boost post ads

Benefits of Instagram ads for your business:

  • Instagram paid ads give your brand a marketing edge, helping you stay ahead in competition and reach your audience quickly.
  • Smartphones now enable easy high-quality photo capture and instant uploads to Instagram, requiring no professional training. This makes creating Instagram ad campaigns quick and easy.
  • Instagram ads boost your website traffic. Did you know paid ads can increase traffic by 120 percent?
  • Instagram ads generate leads, especially for B2B businesses. You can include a catchy call-to-action button to drive traffic to your website or let users sign up for a newsletter to stay updated with your brand.
  • Lastly, Instagram ads offer performance insights, showing the number of accounts reached, Returns On Investments (ROI), campaign costs, age ranges impacted by the ads, and more.
  • Executing ads on Instagram is unique because it helps build a strong audience network. By understanding demographics, language, age, and user behavior, you can achieve a higher engagement rate, leading to positive conversions and sales.

Let your brand stand out with Instagram ads

Instagram is a thriving platform for businesses, experiencing rapid growth. Its unique ability to create tailored ad campaigns makes it ideal for those seeking social media marketing. If you want to promote and grow your business, Instagram is the perfect platform. Contact Kreative Marketing Insights (KMI), the all-in-one digital marketing agency in Atlanta, for seamless assistance.