THE IMPORTANCE OF PAGE SPEED: How to optimize your website’s performance

It’s always a happy moment when we create fresh blogs for your business. Today, we shall help you understand the importance of page speed in optimizing your enterprise’s performance. Let’s proceed!

Page speed :

Page speed is the measurement of how fast your webpage loads, from when the page is clicked until the content is fully displayed. It is also essential to know that page speed is part of a more significant component termed “Page Speed Insights (PSI)” that delivers vital stats such as load times, visual stability, and responsiveness. A good page speed lies in the green zone (90+), with an average page load time of 3.21 seconds. The faster your page loads, the lower the bounce rate.

Additionally, the page speed comprises the below-mentioned metrics:

  • First contentful paint

The time at which the first image or text is painted.

  • First meaningful paint

It is the moment at which the content is first displayed on the screen

  • Time to Interactive

This metric refers to the duration of how quickly the page is ready for the user.

  • First input delay

This metric refers to the latency between the user’s first interaction and the time the page takes to process that interaction.

Having seen the useful page speed metric, the following are some compelling reasons why page speed is essential for your enterprise:

User Engagement

The page load times are directly proportional to customer engagement and satisfaction. Their purchasing interest gets dampened. Poor page load times repel prospective customers (70 percent of customers refrain from purchasing from poor-loading websites), who would prefer to avoid waiting extra for your website to load. As a result, you have lost a valuable set of customers.

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Conversion rates

It is another indispensable parameter in page speed, where the conversion rate improves by 17 percent for every second the page loads faster. A page that takes seven seconds to load has a conversion rate of 1.50 percent, while a similar page that loads within three seconds holds a conversion rate of 2.55 percent.

SEO rankings

A well-optimized and responsive web page plays a vital role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. A slow-loading page will not gel with digital marketing tools, especially SEO, which is a must to enhance the visibility and ranking of your website on search engines because it hampers the ability of search engine crawlers to index your website.

To lower the bounce rate

Interestingly, a page that loads in one second has a bounce rate of seven percent (wherein you lose 70 visitors), while those taking three seconds to display have an 11 percent bounce rate (takes away 110 visitors).

Digital marketing in itself is a competitive playground, and to stay ahead of the leading players, it is advised that you optimize your page loading time (page speed) by adhering to the following simple pointers:

Optimizing the images & large videos

Compressing the images is an excellent idea to reduce page loading times. The higher the image resolution, the more page load times are seen. Similarly, we recommend only placing videos that don’t reduce your page speed.

Server response time

The time duration taken by the web server to respond to browser requests is known as server response time, technically known as Time to First Byte (TTFB). This metric involves CSS, HTML, JavaScript, font files, etc. Hence, reducing the response time can significantly enhance your page load times.


While Java script has unleashed a vast potential in balancing the website environment, it must be ensured that only the needed assets are running and eliminate third-party scripts.


It’s about more than just getting a website for your business to grow. You require a quick, responsive web page with optimized visual elements and product descriptions, which not only enhances page load times but also boosts customers’ confidence, SEO ranking, conversion rate, and brand popularity.

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